Most Famous Vegas Scandals

Vegas is the playground for adults. From slots to playing in casinos, shows and bars you can find all sorts of fun things to do there. But while Vegas may be the dream place for all those who want to be a little above the law or want to play within the boundaries of what is considered legal, it still has some of the most interesting stories.

In this article, you will be told about some of the biggest and most famous scandals to happen in the history of Vegas and why they gained that much attention, to begin with. Let’s begin, shall we?

Famous Vegas Scandals

Vegas has been named ‘Sin City’. The only reason for that is that people who go there act as if there are no laws or no lines that can’t be crossed. That is why a lot of people mess up when they visit Vegas. Maybe it’s the bright lights? In any case, below is a list of famous scandals that occurred in Vegas that caught the eye of the Nation.

1.   Prince Harry Messes Up

This blew up in 2012 when Prince Harry, the second son of Princess Diana and Prince Philip went on a little party trip to Vegas. It would have been fine had the Prince been caught playing a little poker or playing at the slots or at a casino, but Prince Harry got caught up in a huge scandal about exposing himself at a party. Somebody took pictures and spread them online causing a lot of problems for the young prince.

2.   O.J. Gets Caught, This Time

O.J became infamous during the murder trial of his ex-wife and her partner for which he was acquitted. Sooner or later, the law did catch up to him and that too in Vegas. He was arrested for armed robbery, kidnapping and a dozen more charges. When he was arrested, he claimed him and his friends were just hitting up fronts that had stolen his memorabilia. He got 33 years in prison for that crime and most recently, in 2017 was released from jail.

3.   The Roselli Brothers ‘Scam

Now, this was that proper casino robbing 5-year scam that the Roselli brothers managed to do without so much as spending their own money. This occurred from 1995 to 2000 and what they did was simply committed identity theft where they would rob casinos of their money. They simply hacked into people with great credit and opened accounts in their name. They then proceeded to go to Casinos and get that money and would disappear before anyone found out. their last scam was in 2000, and then they disappeared with their identities never being found.

These are just a few of the many scandals that have rocked Vegas. From celebrities creating chaos and getting caught with cocaine, like Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars did, to experienced hackers and scammers scamming Vegas Casinos like the Roselli Brothers. The saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” may just not be true. But then… these are the only stories we’ve heard about! Who knows what dark secrets are still kept there.

Most Famous Vegas Scandals

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