Top 3 Movies About Casinos

Las Vegas, Casinos, Slots and online gambling. These are just a few words that if said in the same sentence is enough to make you think of any good casino movie. Hollywood is obsessed with the casino culture. This is a special genre. It has become somewhat of a cult classic when talking about movies focusing on casinos. So, in this article, let’s talk about the top 3 movies featuring casinos and some amazing acting. Lights! Camera! And action!

1.   Rain Man

This 1988 film is considered to be one of the most famous movies of its era under the topic of casinos and gambling. It talks about a young and spoilt man called Charlie Babbit who very soon realises that his rich father has left him with nothing in the will. This makes him furious. Charlie goes in search for the truth and encounters his brother, Raymond, with whom he hasn’t been in touch with in a while.

From there he realises that his brother has a special talent where he can count cards at a blackjack game. Thus he will be able to scam the casino. The aim of the movie is for the audience to see the thin line between what can be considered legal or illegal and how Charlie gets caught up in the game and ends up suffering.

2.   Oceans 11

This star-studded 2001 casino movie was the talk of the town. It had the biggest male stars of the industry at that time George Clooney and Brad Pitt. This casino heist movie was and still is considered iconic. The movie starts with Danny Ocean played by Clooney, getting out of prison and putting together a team of skilled con artists including his best friend to rob the biggest Casino in Vegas. He plans out the entire robbery and attempts to go through with it. This movie is filled with comic relief. It’s a mix of a comedy movie and has the thrills and excitement of a serious casino robbing movie. This is a must-watch just for the A-listers present in the movie.

3.   Casino

This is considered the best classic and is up in the ranks with The Godfather. This 1995 Martin Scorsese film is one of the best films that captured the lifestyle of casinos and made it popular to the normal American. This movie consists of an ex-gangster who has now decided to live a normal life. His name is Ace. He is met by his old friend Nicky and his girlfriend who convinces him that they can win big at the casino. While Ace tries to play fair, Nicky and Ginger break the law to get what they want. They eventually get their downfall due to aiming to big and FBI interference. This is a cult classic for those who want a proper “Casino Movie”. Scorsese fans will not be disappointed either.

These are by far the top 3 best casino movies that you will find in the Hollywood’s list of Casino Movies. Enjoy!

Top 3 Movies About Casinos

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