The 7 Best Shows of Las Vegas

You might visit Las Vegas for it’s the stupendous night life that it’s famous for, the beautiful views, the clubs and the many great casinos but will your trip really be complete if you don’t see the many amazing shows the city has to offer? Experienced tourists would disagree and recommend that you follow suit and check out at least one of the best shows that Las Vegas is home to. The top 7 shows based on our recommendation are:

Le Rêve

Now, if you want a show that will leave you dazed, then La Rêve is the show to go to. The show combines video projections with fire shooting devices and water fountains on a stage that gets lowered and raised into an actual pool of water. The show is centered on a tale of romance with amazing visuals that would be a tragedy to miss.


If you want to see something out of the ordinary, the show Absinthe can be for you. The show has been noted to display a duo with roller-skating skills, twins that tap-dance, some costume wearing powerful vocal holders and more. It’s an independent circus act that have an out of the box showing that’s different every time, located opposite the Caesars Palace.


The performers of Cirque du Soleil’s put on a fantastic show that incorporates water in all their acts, including really high dives, trapeze work, contortionists, extreme gymnastics and even some fire stunts in this hotel rendition of a circus. They take on daring challenges and execute them with a finesse that is quite entertaining to watch. “O” is the name of the show and it is one of their best in a series of interesting shows that they do.

The Fountains of Bellagio

A show performed not by humans, but by water fountains and it is every bit of a stunning spectacle, if not more. As the water dances to the tune of contemporary as well as classical hits alike, you can’t help but be entranced by the water show which constitutes of above one thousand water fountains contributing to it.


The Opium Theater has made it as one of our headliners due to the fun science fiction theme it hosts. It has a unique theme and build due to the fact that the theater displays a show about travelling in a spaceshuttle from a distant planet all the way to Las Vegas. It’s an interactive show that’s build around the participants’ experience as much as the actors and we love it.

It takes the shape of a spaceship, so it’s a small and intimate theater, adding to the experience of the interactive play.

Penn and Teller

One of the best magic shows that you can find in Las Vegas is Pen and Teller. The duo incorporates a side-by-side act of one performing while the other comments, with a dash of sarcasm and satire, and some mind-bending magic acts, the magic show dominates the other ones in town.


Converted from a casino floor, At the set of The Mirage, you’ll find a different theater experience that employs the use of a psychedelic theme from the 60’s On top of that, they celebrate The Beatles’ music like no other, while Cirque du Soleil does their best to match the music with their out of this world aerobatics and stunts.

Final Words Whether you’re a momentary passerby in the city or a local, it would certainly be a loss to miss out on any of these exciting and fun filled shows. While you’re down there, treat yourself to at least one and find out for yourself why everyone is so crazy about a Las Vegas theater experience.

The 7 Best Shows of Las Vegas

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